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store files on a web server
File distribution, back up and content management.

Remotely store files of all sizes, administer and securely share them with clients or staff.
  • Distribute to others via a dedicated Web Server rather than insecure e-mail. This cuts down on e-mail volume and prevents documents from being stolen.

  • Store information in online file folders and allow others to access it directly from your web site, using a secure virtual private network (VPN) or Intranet.

  • Protect with secure password protected file folders and encrypted transfer. Only authorized users may view, download and modify their folder contents.

  • Manage content in PDF, Word, Excel and other types of files online.

InfoSafeDeposit™ offers businesses an easy and fast way to store files, access them from anywhere at any time, and securely share them with people worldwide. Our service grows with you.
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